Mongoose 5.6.9

This is my own build of the Mongoose web server for Windows. Based on the Mongoose library and web_server example from Its main purpose is to serve for some local experiments and to respond (the 404 code) to the request for many ad and counter sites, which my etc/hosts file redirects to localhost.


• The 'no-such-page' (404) response is very short.

• The log file has shorter date format and no browser agent info.

• The web server starts as a usual windows program, not console program. Running mongoose.exe /h shows short help in a message window, together with the server features info, like -AU +CGI -DAV +DL +FS -I6 +LOG +MM +PO +SSI -SSL +WS. They correspond to the build #defines.

• The web server can be shut down by accessing some url, the corresponding option is shutdown_command. Example: shutdown_command /doshutdown in the config file will allow you to shut down the server after accessing url http://yourhost/doshutdown.

• It's possible to specify different CGI interpreters based on the file extension, that is such files must not contain the '#!' string. The option is cgi_interpreters. Example: cgi_interpreters .py .pyc >C:\Python\python.exe .ijs >C:\J\bin\jconsole.exe (extensions and commands are all separated by blanks, '>' marks commands). Indeed these files must match the cgi_pattern too.

• The first line of the CGI script files can start with 'NB.' instead of '#!'. This is done for the J language.


mongoose569.7z (78kB, mongoose.htm mongoose.h mongoose.c web_server.c bld.bat mongoose.exe mongoose.conf).

Copyright (C) 2015, G.Pruss.